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This incredible process starts with the farmer; an entrepreneur who decided to risk everything in order to invest in agriculture. This farmer employs dozens of people that live in communities with low economic development.

The wet mill process is ran by different entrepreneurs, fourth generation coffee farmers who have focused on innovation, giving back to the community, and being the best at what they do.  

We are now closing the entrepreneurial circle with the creation of a vision that is competitive and sustainable for everyone who plays a role in this process; from the farmer to the roaster and the consumer. 


Obata - Washed

This is the perfect everyday cup of coffee; creamy, soft, and clean. These special attributes come from its washed processing which focuses on the bean itself. During a washed processing the various fruit layers in the grape are removed before the bean begins the drying process. This highlights caramel and sugar cane flavors with sweet chocolate, honey, and caramel aromas and fragrances. With a coffee like this, you are not only enjoying its flavor profile, but also its origin, its variety, and the terroir where it was grown.

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Parainema - Natural

This is not your typical cup of coffee, through its tasting notes you will be sure this is one of a kind, because it is! A creamy and balanced body is accompanied by a soft and sweet grape wine flavor, which is also fruity, citric, and with hints of caramel.  Its special tasting notes derive from its natural processing, in which the coffee is picked ripe from the coffee tree, and the grape is left as is during the drying process, producing its unbelievable fruity flavor.